Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™


Just Some Quotes That

May Trigger an Inspiration

"You connect with quotes because they stir the soul, and soul-stirring is paramount to healthy creative change kept realistic by then only requiring small steps. ...Quotes are vitamins for the soul." 



"The gathering of gifted and kindred souls in the name of creativity has unforeseeable wonders ready to unravel in each twist and turn of our winding journey to joy."



"You don't have to be a better person today. You're already close enough. Take a break from all that energy and enjoy what you already are."



"Making time for your creativity is essential." (I just made that up, but when you put quote marks and italics around things they have more importance... it happens to be true as well)."



We are a funny species. There's so much about us to laugh about. Cry about too... but for now, let's laugh. It's healthy, it lends perspective, it frees our energy to operate at a place where we are better able to help what there is to cry about. If we are crying all the time, we're not much good to anyone except the plants we are watering with our tears.



"How come such a process as creative joy brings up so many fears? The answer could be because creativity is the ultimate growth process; fear is simply affirmation that growth is happening. When we are unattached to the results of our creative journey, we move through the fear and find rewards greater than the purpose that initially drew us to the journey."



The good news is ... rebellion is a characteristic of being creative. To rebel is to not conform. This serves the creative process.The bad news is that this good news isn't going to get you ANYWHERE unless you do a little fooling around that leads to getting started.



"The process of creativity produces optimal conditions for being alive. As we create, our minds and bodies are their most energetic, stay vital, and even heal."



"When you plug yourself into the dream you were meant to cultivate, it is as if you have just realigned your existence."



"Limitations are but mind-snags in the weaving of your dreams. Snip them and watch your tapestry unfold."



"Preconceived ideas about what it takes to be creative can be a hindrance to expanding our creativity."



"No matter what our creative experience has been, we have the ability to bring into existence greater dreams than we can imagine."



"Be willing to accept whatever successful or unsuccessful consequences may come from your journey. The process will reward you with so much personal and spiritual growth that you may find that the benefits reaped by experiencing the process outweigh what you previously thought would bring happiness."



"Your capacity for delight is in direct proportion with your willingness and ability to experience joy in simple things."



"You have permission to let go of being perfect and trying to meet everyone's every need."



"When our passion and commitment to the expression of our God-given talents comes from a source inside that's unaffected by anything external, no worldly fear of discouragement will stop us from bringing them to fruition."



"My dream may come in the exact finished form that I requested, but unless I am paying attention, I will fall back on the automatic mortal condition of discontent, of just wanting more. Acknowledging dream pieces as they present themselves is the pathway to contentment. ...acknowledging what pieces of my dream are already present attracts more."



"We all have these bittersweet places we cycle in and out of — they look different, but all of them call upon the resourceful lantern of creative light. Sometimes it attracts moths, other times Muses."



"Setting up expectations will only cloud the direction that manifests according to the order of the moment's divinity for your dream."



"Starting any kind of heart-driven action toward your dream will result in the presence of energy and teeming miracles, to direct and support you."



"You have permission to lighten up and have fun! Play is the elixir of creative ideas."



"Trusting your intuition and taking the first step with trust instead of fear leads to a thousand rewarded adventures!"



"Trust is born in your spirit; fear is born in the faltering mind."



"Creative change takes compassion, patience, passion perseverance and more perseverance."



"Patience is the thread that makes the weaving of dreams possible."



"Creative momentum catches on once it starts, so act "as if" you are in the process, and feel the fact that you ARE in the process set fire to your motivation."



"I know I am doing the right thing by doing anything, no matter how small it is, in the interest of my heart's dream."



"The imagination is always on call to transport my spirit to a place of inner peace."



"As you honor your creative magnificence by honoring yourself as a delicate instrument, the universe will honor you by creating all that you need to succeed creatively."



"Breathe... it is the pathway from the mind's constant tirade and useless chatter, to the flow and fruits of the present moment."



"Let the breathe tether you to the effortless inspiration and expression possible in the present moment."



"If you choose to be creative, life is a fulfilling journey where wonder awaits every twist of thought and turn of attitude."